Our mission is straightforward. We provide our clients with the best advice and solutions as they could get anywhere in the world.

Chris Petrocelli CEO, Signalbase, Inc.

Protect your business and assets via Secured IT

As our client, you benefit from our cybersecurity expertise and innovative approach to producing solutions to complex systems. We adapt state-of-the-art software and hardware to meet the unique objectives of your company.

When you want to partner with a dedicated firm that is a fully managed service provider (MSP) with a US Helpdesk, please reach out to us. We welcome the opportunity to help your business remain optimally cost-effective and technology-forward with powerful cloud solutions and IT services.

Experience First

Since 2011, Signalbase, Inc. has provided companies with flexible technology-based services that promote security and efficiency. We are an integrated software and infrastructure company that works closely with you to design and implement highly effective middle- and back-office support systems.

We began by customizing alternative asset management solutions that resolved the reporting and operational challenges faced by rapidly growing clients. Today, we continue to provide value-added consulting to multi-billion dollar asset managers.


Cloud Solutions

Leverage and adopt cloud services to make your business more agile and efficient. Our team can onboard your infrastructure to the cloud or automate your workload.


Providing custom application development that ranges from one-off reporting software to big data analysis and visualization

Managed IT / MSP

As your IT Partner we’ve got you covered from CTO to helpdesk allowing you to concentrate on your business. We natively deliver secure IT solutions so we all can sleep better at night.

Cyber Security

Allow us to secure your business to mitigate cyber-attacks resulting in data loss, theft, or ransomware that’s grown so rampant. We perform Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, and Phishing campaigns.

Additionally, we have expanded this core initiative to include cloud services, cybersecurity, application development, and managed infrastructure. As we grow, our founding value remains the same: to improve our clients’ operational performance with leading technology that adapts with the pace of each client’s growth. Call us to learn more about what our services can do for your business:

We are trusted by more than 100 clients

More than 350 projects were completed in 2020

Our team is ready to boost the efficiency of your company’s system.

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